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Monday, May 21, 2012

Man, if I've got a blog I really need to use it more often.
Erm anyway, recently I bought the long awaited game Diablo 3. Fun as it is there's a really intersting feature I might try to take advantage of.

Diablo 3 contains an auction house. Here you can put up all the goodies you have collected and as you would expect from an auction, other people can bid to acquire it. At the time of writing, you bid using the money you gather in the game. However soon Blizzard will activate the feature where you can deal with real money.

This is both intriguing and scary. I like the idea as it might be a way for me to make some money (although I don't know how much people are willing to pay when it involves real money and I'm sure EVERYONE would be doing the same thing as me), but it's a little worrying that computer games have reached this level of exploitation.

Still, time will tell. I'll continue to play Diablo 3 and amass a stockpile of sweet loot ready for sale.

As a final note, in the EULA, it states that any money earned is classified as income for tax purposes. I figured that would be the case before I bought the game. What I'm curious about though, if you make money off the game, can you declare the purchase of ther game itself as a business expense?