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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

12 months of Dogs Of War - January (Stylene) 02

One of these days I'll put up a picture of one of my 'Dogs Of War' characters wearing their armour with the helmet. Problem is that I want to show off my characters and the helmet makes it harder to identify who they are.

Anyway, here's another picture for 'Stylene January'. Gotta lift my game - January's almost over and I've only put up two pictures of her so far.
The sub-machine gun is something I sketched up randomly one day. I like the design, but don't have any plans to use it with my DoW series. Stylene's weapons of choice are dual pistols and a sniper rifle. The idea being that Stylene isn't physically strong - compared to the other DoW characters - so she wouldn't be able to handle the kickback from the recoil of a fully automatic weapons. Besides, she's the leader of the good guys - her role is more of a leadership one so leaves the heavier firepower to her team mates.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

12 Months of Dogs of War - January (Stylene)

Right - time to start an idea I've had brewing since last year. I have twelve (main) characters for my Dogs Of War series and as there are twelve months to a year, what better than to combine the two? Each month over the course of this year, I plan to bring drawings of each of these characters, with bios and commentary on their development process.

So let's begin with Stylene Arkon. We've seen her a few times on this blog and a couple of times (thus far) on my YouTube channel. This year actually marks her 18th birthday - it was all the way back in late 1999 (November or December, not entirely sure) when I first designed her. She's come a long way in terms of visual design and it's only as recent as last year that I figured out how I wanted her to look. For quite some time there was something that -just- didn't feel right with her design. I was able to pinpoint it to her fringe and knew a slight redesign was in order. After some conceptualisation I came up with what you see here and feel I have finally reached a design I can settle on.