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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dogs Of War - what a novel concept

I'm still slaving away on my graphic novel, progress is coming along ok but I'm yet to decide on the style to adopt. This is one of the pages, rendered in three possible ways I'm considering - this is where I'll need your advice on which is the best to follow.
The first one is simply straight up black and white. This would give me the quickest turnaround time in developing my novels, should some nice person be willing to publish it.

Next is greyscale. This sample is a bit darker than what I'm after but you get the idea. This way allows for a bit of texture and depth than B&W and the greyscaliness might make it a bit more 'artsy' and mature than colour. I don't know.

This is the way I'd prefer to have it, but it takes the longest time to complete as opposed to the others. Also, I'm using the CMYK colour scheme and there are times when I just can't get the right shade.