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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My sheepish return to blogging

Erm, hi.

Yes, yes - I know I've been on hiatus with no explanation for several months now. Apologies for not keeping you informed (if anyone actually cares). I've been busy. I've spent most of the year in full time work, spending what remained of my time and energy on my own animation projects. I had nothing left when it came to drawing and updating my blog, even though I wanted to. But anyway, work is done and I'm almost finished with my current animation project, so I have some time again to draw. I have a plan to produce a series of character art over the course of next year, so until then I hope to post a bunch of pics of military hardware from my 'Dogs Of War' series.

Anyway, here is some concept art of the fighter aircraft used by the Universal Alliance (the antagonists in 'Dogs Of War'. I can't remember if I've previously established that or not. Oh well - recap!). Influenced by aircraft such as the F22 Raptor, F35 Lightning II and the F104 Starfighter. It did end up looking maybe a little more similar to the F35 that I would have liked, but hopefully there's enough difference to set it apart. Not that it really matters anyway - I mean the early 1950's jet fighters used by the US and the Russian MiGs of the same era looked similar, as does the Eurofighter Typhoon, Saab Gripen and Dassault Rafale.