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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - February (Sledge) 02

Sledge entered the Dogs Of War family fairly early on. He was the third character I created (Stylene and Josh were 1st and 2nd respectively). He appeared in a comic I made when I was playing around with my characters. He was a prisoner rescued by Stylene and her friends during a raid on an enemy base.

Anyway, Sledge had been planned to be boyfriend to Stylene, a concept I later dropped in favour for Peter Edgewood being Stylene's BF. Sledge was also written as an orphan, but I also had two other orphan characters and felt this was overdoing it. So Sledge then became a childhood friend of Stylene's, had a proper family and haven't thought much about it since then.

Much to my annoyance, I actually own Sledge's attire. I was out buying shirts and found something I quite liked. It wasn't until sometime afterwards I realised the shirt was exactly the same as Sledge wears and when combined with my black trousers... well at least his shoes are different to mine. I think I'm in way too deep with Dogs of War. Oh well!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

12 Months Of Dogs Of War - February (Sledge)

I don't often draw Sledge, which is part of the reason it took me so long to put up an image of him for this month. As far as characters go, he doesn't do anything special - by that I mean he doesn't have any peculiar personality quirks or traits to make him stand out like my other 'Dogs Of War' characters.

But anyway, here is Sledge, second in command (more or less) of the good guys. He is also a wizz when it comes to computers (he fills the techy role of the team) and a good pilot. He has a broad range of weapon skills, being a general all-rounder in combat. He is the only 'Dogs Of War' character that doesn't have a preferred weapon type.

At the moment he doesn't have a surname. He did once, it was 'Twycross' (a name inspired by the Mechwarrior computer games). The reason for dropping the surname was that I felt maybe it was wrong for him. Sledge is a dingo, which by all effect would make him an indigenous Australian. 'Twycross' doesn't really suggest Aborigine and I'm wondering if I should choose something else.