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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rovers of the Road

Barking, scratching, uh, something something - I forget the rest of the lyrics - Road Rovers!

This is a pic I did of Hunter and Colleen from the animated series Road Rovers. I actually drew this back in 2012, but recently updated the look (using the brush tool for the outlines rather than pencil. Still coming to grips with Photoshop y'see). Hence the revised date of 2015.

I'm quite chuffed with the result. Nailing the look of characters that weren't designed by
me is somehting I tend to struggle with. Though if I'm honest, maybe the legs are a little short.

This romantic-themed pic is a reflection on the attraction these two characters had which was hinted at in the series.

Just a shame that they waited until the last sodding episode of the series to start developing character personalities. I mean, I like Road Rovers, but looking at it retrospectively, the charcters were just so bland - they had very little in the way of personality traits and the only time they spoke to one another was for the sake of a gag.

I had a look at the last time I posted something on this blog. March 2013? Really? I've spent the last couple of years working as an animator for a TV series. It kept my incredibly busy and hadn't left me much time or motivation to work on my own stuff. Although we have finished the project, there may or may not be more stuff, so while I will try to keep updating the blog, don't be surprised if I drop off the radar again. But two years? That's way too long.