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Saturday, September 16, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - September (Jess) 02

Jess was an early character I designed, quite possibly just before I created the main antagonists (I'm too lazy to check my notes). At the time she was the only female character after Stylene and had intended her to be the 'sexy' character within the series. You may remember me saying that this is also something I had tried to achieve with Myst. Well, Jess was the first attempt at this. However like I said in the Myst posts, I couldn't draw a character to look drop-dead gorgeous and eventually the idea was let go.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - September (Jess)

This fine lass is Jessica Simpkins. She's appeared on this blog before but consider this her formal introduction.

She is the tactical officer (of sorts) for the team of antagonist dogs. Quite tough as well, capable of giving most of the male characters a run for their money in combat.

Aaannd annoyingly, I can't really say much more about her - to do so would actually be a spoiler to her role and events within my Dogs Of War series. I know, I know - I'm probably being overly precious with my ideas. It wouldn't be a huge spoiler if I revealed it, but want to try to keep SOME things a mystery.

As you can see from the picture, I have a Patreon thingy now, so it would be quite nice if you had a looksy at what to have to offer. Even nicer if you threw some money my way too.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - August (Trevor) 03

One last picture of Trevor before August is out. I'm still working on improving my Photoshop skills. Only recently did I find the burn/dodge functions and am trying to get better with them (my results tend to be a bit blotchy at the moment).

I'm out of stuff to say about Trevor so I'll give you a little factoid about the character development process within Dogs Of War.

There used to be an additional member to the bad guy dogs. He was a doberman named 'Scope', his weapons of choice being a railgun and motorised melee weapons. He was dropped for a couple of reasons. Firstly I couldn't draw dobermans as well as I wanted (I still can't). Secondly, it would have meant that combined with Trevor, there would have been a husky and a doberman on the same team. This was becoming too similar to the Warner Bros animated series Road Rovers, something I was always wary of. Road Rovers was the catalyst inspiration for my Dogs Of War ideas, but I didn't want it to be too similar.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - August (Trevor) 02

You rarely see Trevor without his minigun. It's something of a default setting for him.

The number of miniguns Trevor used throughout the Dogs Of War series kept changing. To begin with he had one, then after the genetic engineering/cybernetic enhancement idea (see the second entry for Myst for details) he was to be strong enough to wield two at once. After dropping the enhancement concept he was back to one, then to two again as I just wanted him to dual-wield miniguns, then finally back to one as two was just plain silly. He was also going to carry the ammo in a massive drum on his back, but the belt of ammo from that to the gun(s) would have been difficult to handle in regards to animation, so I chose smaller box magazines attached to the gun itself.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - August (Trevor)

I did say that I would showcase my characters in the order I created them, but for the bad guys it's a bit difficult, as I created most of them at roughly the same time. But let's give it a crack regardless.

Here's Trevor, the strongest out of all the dog characters within my Dogs Of War series. Like Sledge, he is also currently surnameless. It was briefly 'Hellstorm', but that was too stupid even for me, so it was dropped. Usually when I name my characters I choose something that pops into my head naturally - I don't try to force it. But even after all these years, I've come up with nothing.

Not really much more to say about ol' Trev. I haven't exactly put much thought and effort into developing his character. He's enthusiastic about guns, but that's about it. He's also one of the few characters where I haven't decided what nationality he is. As far as the bad doggies go, they tend to have a bit of a European focus. Not that I wish to portray Europeans as evil - heck, I chose Europe because I LOVE the region - it's just that I prefer to think when this team was recruited by their superiors, they were all picked - without too much thought - from roughly the same training area.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - July (Mitch) 03

Mitch's assault rifle was something I developed quite recently. His initial weapons of choice was his sword (same type that Peter has) and an automatic pistol. Neither of which are that useful against a heavily armoured opponent. Mitch and his team were created specifically to hunt down the Halo Blades - a team that fields heavy armour. The equipment of Mitch and so on needed to be able to pose a threat to them.

Mitch did used to have an assault rifle, the idea being that it was the result of fitting his automatic pistol with some attachments to convert it into an assault rifle. This idea was dropped as it still fired pistol ammunition, which wouldn't have made it any more effective as a rifle weapon. Also, it would have meant that Mitch's primary weapons would be a pistol, sword and assault rifle, which was the same loadout of Peter Edgewood and I didn't want the two characters to have identical weapon types.

However Mitch really did need an upgrade to his arsenal, so I got designing. Not long after some basic concepting, I came across a YouTube video from the Forgotten Weapons channel about the H&K SL-8. I found it interesting as it bore a resemblance to what I had already been designing, so I used it for further inspiration. To make it more useful against armour, I added the RPG launching section.

I'm quite happy with the current design - it's one of the better looking weapons I've come up with in my opinion. A little bigger than I would have liked, but you can't really slap an RPG launcher onto a rifle and expect it to remain titchy. And yes, I do realise placing the rifle barrel significantly lower than the sights may make it trickier to line up accurate shots.

Monday, July 17, 2017

12 Months of Dogs Of War - July (Mitch) 02

For a long time the outfits worn in battle by Mitch and his team were - for all intents and purposes - their civvies. I decided that this had to change. Since they are an official part of a well organised military force, they needed a uniform to give them an image of professionalism and discipline. Their regular outfits made them look more like a mercenary team, which was misleading juxtaposition against the good guys - who are an independent unit - use a standardised uniform. Plus, a common uniform means I only have to design it once and don't have to come up with different designs for all the characters. For a while the battle suits the good guys wear were all different. I'm glad I later standardised it.

The uniform of Mitch and his team is based on the attire their human counterparts wear, but with a few alterations to make them stand out and be unique, with the practical reason being that the equipment allocated to them is custom designed for their duties.